Tutorial Videos


Accessing Appraiser and Adding an MLS

Addendums and Download

Adding Comparable Photographs

Adding Subject Photographs

Appraisals Dashboard

Comparable Selection Overview and Workflow

Creating an Appraisal Report

Desktop Web Sketch Arcs and Angles

Desktop Web Sketch Drawing an Area

Dekstop Web Sketch Selecting Editing and Labeling

Drawing Neighborhood and Similar Market Boundaries

General Overview

MultiSource Indicator

Narrowing the Farm List

Neighborhood and Market Area

Post Comparable Selection Inventory Analysis

Prior Sales Information and Sales Comp Value

Property Overview

Review the Comparables

Sales Comparison Grid

Saving Comments and Using Pick List

Selecting Comparables Using House Canary Suggestions

Selecting Comparables Using the Grid Search

Selecting Comparabes Using the Map Search

Similarity Score

Templates Overview

UAD Indicator

Understanding the Map Layers

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