General Overview


HouseCanary Appraiser is divided into 10 main sections, each one designed to provide you with the data you need to complete your Appraisal Reports more quickly and accurately. 

Neighborhood.png Neighborhood
Define the geographic boundaries for Comp Selection. The neighborhood boundaries defined here is also used for the automatic calculations for the 1004MC, One-Unit Housing Trends and Inventory Analysis
Comp_Selection.png Comp Selection
Perform the sales comparison approach to value.  Section includes selecting comps, Adjustment Grid, adding comp photos, Inventory Analysis, Prior Sale Information and Sales Comparison value
Property_Details.png Property Details
Specify subject details of the property, neighborhood, and market as well as the 1004MC
1004MC.png 1004MC
Complete each section to fill out your 1004MC electronic appraisal form
Photos.png Photos
Add photos of the subject property
Sketch.png Sketch
Sketch the property or upload your own
Adjustment.png Adjustments
Complete the Sales Comparison Approach section of your appraisal form
Property_Value.png Property Value
Add alternate valuation methods, and finish the appraisal
Additional_Comments.png Additional Comments
Add final comments to your Appraisal
Submit.png Submit
Add addendums, sign and download your appraisal

Manage your appraisal form, including any supplemental forms by selecting the Manage Forms icon


As you add additional forms, you will see new icons appear in the sidebar navigation.
The Active section is always indicated by the yellow bar on the left.


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