Subject - Interior / Exterior

Subject Photos - Interior / Exterior

To add your Subject Photos, go to the 'Photos' section in the side navigation.

The Photos section is divided into three subsets, with labels to include the following:


Right Oblique
Left Oblique
Front Yard
Accessory Unit


1/2 Bath
Jack and Jill Bath
Full Bath
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Family Room
Living Room
Dining Room
Laundry Room


Adding Multiple Photos
Drag and drop or upload multiple photos into a square. If multiple photos are dropped/uploaded into a bucket, then separate buckets are created for them with the same label. For example: 4 Photos are uploaded into 'Rear'. This would produce 4 photo buckets, all with the label 'Rear'.

Dynamic Label Search
As you begin to type your label, we begin to auto-fill the label text based on our standard labels, and labels you've applied previously.

Photo Status
There are now three indicators to show the status of your photo uploads

Upload Complete check-circle_2x.png
Upload In-Progress  pending_2x.png
Upload Unavailable sync-alert_2x.png


iPad Directions Web Directions
photo_ios.png photos_web.png
  1. Touch ‘Select Photo’  or 'Take Photo' if you already have photos to upload.

  2. Select all of the photos you would like to use and tap Upload to add them to your appraisal.

  3. Select the label/caption for each photo, and enter any comments

  4. Click Finish
  1. Drag & Drop or click 'SELECT FILE' to add your photos to the appropriate sub-section (Exterior, Interior or Other). Required photos already have input boxes pre-populated

  2. After your selected photo has been uploaded, add a description and/or label

  3. Your photos are saved automatically as you select them in appraiser

Removing Photos
To remove a photo, select the edit icon in the upper right of the screen. Once toggled, select all of the images you wish to remove, then select the trashcan icon.

If using Appraiser for iPad, tap done when finished. 

Please Note:

It's important to label your photos correctly so they're labelled correctly when we generate your report.

When using the iPad app, you will need to give the app permission to “Access Your Photos” if you haven’t done so already.



Comp Photos (iPad)
Comp Photos (Web)

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