Adding Comp Photos

Photos can be added to comps using both the Web App, and iOS app.

Adding existing photos (Web):

If you already have a photo available, you can directly upload the photo from your computer/mobile device by tapping the upload/arrow button that corresponds to the properties address. Once you've selected the photo for upload, you will be required to type a caption. After completing this step, tap the save button.

Please Note: Multiple photos per comp are supported when using the iOS app.


Taking a photo in the field (iOS)

If using the iPad app, you can take the property photo in the field. Select the camera icon to take a photo. You will be prompted to allow HouseCanary Appraiser access to your devices Camera, tap ok. Once you've taken a satisfactory photo, tap use photo to add it to the comp.

Photos are saved automatically once added to a comp using Appraiser for iOS.

Although we currently auto-populate photos from MLS for reference, you're required to upload your own before submitting your appraisal. 



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