Appraisals Dashboard


New appraisal orders are automatically displayed in the In Progress section in the “My Appraisals” dashboard.

  1. Find the Appraisal you’d like to start or work on
  2. Click Begin to Start or Continue to Resume

There are six sub-sections to the My Appraisal section.  To navigate between them, click the sub-section name and number icon within the box at the top of the page:

For each sub-section please find an explanation below:

  1. Assigned/In Progress: Shows appraisals that have been accepted by the appraiser but that have not yet been submitted.  This is the tab from which you would launch an appraisal by clicking the "Continue" button associated with it.
  2. Canceled: Appraisals that were submitted and rejected.
  3. Revision Requests: Appraisals that were submitted and additional information / changes are requested.
  4. Submitted: Appraisals submitted successfully.  Note that appraisals can move from "Submitted" to "Cancelled" or "Revision Requests" if the lender changes the status of the appraisal.
  5. Completed: Appraisals successfully submitted, and completed successfully.
  6. All: Displays all appraisals from all categories, including appraisals marked as hidden.

Appraisal Options in the In Progress Tab:

  1. Subject Address
  2. Subject Attributes
  3. Current Estimated Value Range
  4. View or add comments
  5. View inspection contact
  6. Form Type
  7. Residence Type
  8. Open Appraisal and view or edit its data
  9. Hide Selected Appraisal
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