Below is a current up to date list of our DATA sources. 


  • Stability Score: ACS & HouseCanary

Market Environment 

  • Buyer / Seller:
  • Months of Supply:
  • DOM:
  • Estimated monthly sales:
  • Inventory:

Market Risk

  • Risk Score: HouseCanary
  • Price Forecast: HouseCanary
  • Affordability: HouseCanary

Property Details

  • Fields: Local MLS, Assessor
  • Flood Data: FEMA
  • Flood Map: FEMA
  • Parcel Map: County Plat Maps
  • Neighborhood Map: Local MLS, Assessor


  • Comps: 
  • Property Information: 
  • Prior Sales: 
  • Regression: HouseCanary

Property Value

  • Value Forecast: HouseCanary
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