Why Should I choose HouseCanary?

There are a few main components of why we stand out from the rest. 

  1. Comprehensive Data: We track thousands of data elements every month, from national factors down to house level data. Together, we have built the most exhaustive proprietary dataset going back 40+ years. The data is analyzed to pinpoint the driving factors behind market change. Our databases are constantly expanding - great data is required for accurate forecasts. To learn more, click here

  2. Predictive Forecasting: Our platform uses big-data analytics to forecast real estate values at a local market level. Every month, we forecast 36+ months into the future. Our models predict more than 95% of the variation in price over time, and have been market tested. We're constantly evolving our methods for even greater accuracy. To learn more, click here

  3. Data Visualization: We provide advanced mapping and data visualizations to assist in the decision making process. Pinpoint down to the parcel level to identify new opportunities, or view zipcode-level heatmaps and charts for a bird's-eye view of shifts in your local real estate market. To learn more, click here
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