Are the Web Application and Mobile App features the same?

Using HouseCanary Appraiser for Web and Mobile gives you the flexibility to get your work done, when you need to.

Regardless if you're on the road or at the office, you can feel confident that HouseCanary Appraiser can get the job done!

The feature set between the two are almost identical.

  • Currently, the Sketch feature is unavailable when using Appraiser for iOS. Our team of developers continue to work on this feature, and we hope to release it soon. In the meanwhile, you can complete your sketch using the Web Application, or by submitting an external sketch using the directions found here.
  • In addition "offline" functionality is only available through Appraiser for iOS. An internet connection is required to use the Appraiser Web Application.

    We recommend using WiFi / Wireless connection when using Appraiser for iOS, as large amounts of data are being sent/received throughout the completion of each Appraisal.
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