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In Comp Selection, there is a 'Suggest Comps' button in bright blue.  When clicked, HouseCanary will populate comp suggestions for you.

HouseCanary suggests comps by picking the 4 sales and 2 listings with the highest Similarity i.e. least amount of predicted gross adjustments, to the subject property out of the filtered properties in the Neighborhood & Similar Market Area(s) you defined.


Updating the Attributes of the Subject Property

If any attribute that has an impact on value is updated, HouseCanary will have new comp suggestions based on the new value(s).

For example, if you inspect the property and realize the property's GLA is twice the size found on MLS/Public Record, our Similarity Scores and Comp Suggestions will re-calibrate when you update the data.  Once you update the GLA, you should click 'Suggest Comps' again since we will have new suggestions based on the new data.



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