Can I re-use the same set of comments/narratives for all my reports?

Yes!  HouseCanary's Saved Comments feature allows you to save comments/narratives you make in one report and re-use it again for the same data field in all your reports.  


Creating Saved Comments

  1. In any open text field, you will see the 'Saved Comment' icon.  Click on it.  
  2. A window will open, allowing you to fill in a new comment or use the text you typed previously.
  3. To complete your saved comment, just give it a title and select 'Save Text'.

The Saved comment you created for this field can now be used for the same field in all of our future appraisals on both the web and iPad app.


Using a Saved Comments

  1. In the field you wish to use Saved Comments, click the Saved Comments icon .
  2. A side panel will pop-out, show all the comments/narratives you have previously created.
  3. Click on the comment you want to use.

Your done! The comment will automatically populate the form field.


Deleting a Saved Comment

If you no longer need to use a particular Saved Comment, simply select the trash can icon , hit 'Confirm', and it will be removed.


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