How are the One-Unit Housing Trends, 1004MC and Inventory Analysis calculated?

The One-Unit Housing Trends and Sections of the 1004MC are calculated by analyzing the Properties drawn in the Neighborhood section and calculating each individual section using the logic below.

One-Unit Housing Trends, 1004MC & Inventory Analysis (top of page 2)

Data Set: Properties in the Neighborhood with the filters applied

  • Property Values: plot the properties and analyze the trend line of properties values in the last 120 days.  
    • Trend line > 5%: Increasing
    • -5% < Trendline < 5%: Stable
    • < -5% slope: Decreasing
  • Demand/Supply: AVERAGE the days on market and if:
    • < 90 days = Undersupply
    • 91-180 days = Stable
    • > 180 = Oversupply
  • Marketing Time: AVERAGE of the days on market in the past 120 days

One-Unit Housing 

Data Set: All properties in the Neighborhood (no filters)

  • Predominate Price & Age: MODE of the price and age ranges
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