What is your pricing?

Now until January 31, 2017

If you are happy with Appraiser after your 14-day free trial, it will be a $99 one-time payment until January 31, 2017. HouseCanary will email you an invoice so that you don't have to make a payment upfront.  

Why such a great deal?

Currently we only support 1004 & 1004MC.  While we are building out the other forms, we want to give our users a great deal.


After January 31, 2017

Starting in February, we will be charging a monthly subscription cost but still have a 14-day free trial.  Depending on the level you select, there will be a maximum number of reports that comes with the subscription.  If you exceed the number of reports that comes with your subscription level, you will pay a per report cost (overage).  You can always change your report level in your account settings at anytime.  

  Basic Professional Advanced
Cost $99/month    $149/month $229/month 
Maximum reports per month 20/month 50/month 100/month
Overage cost $15/report  $12/report  $10/report
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