Accessing Appraiser & Adding MLS

Accessing Appraiser

You can access the HouseCanary Appraiser application multiple ways. Either through a computer using a Web Browser or a Mobile device (iOS, Android, Etc.)

You can find a list of supported devices/browsers by clicking here.

Appraiser (web)

Appraiser can be accessed through your web browser by visiting

We recommend that you "bookmark" this page, so you can always easily access it at anytime

Appraiser (iPad)

To access Appraiser for iPad, you must download it through the iTunes App store

  1. Touch the Apple App Store Icon
  2. Search for HouseCanary Appraiser
  3. Touch Get, then touch Install  

If for some reason you're not able to download or install Appraiser for iOS, or are experiencing issues creating an Apple ID, please submit a support request with our team. *Please Note* Appraiser for iOS only works on an iPad 2 or above. 

If you do not currently have an Apple ID to associate with your iPad, you can sign up for one with Apple at this location:


After creating your login credentials, you'll be prompted to enter your MLS information. Adding this information will allow you to easily pull comps and automatically pre-fill your report with MLS data. Be sure to add ALL of the MLS you typically use.

*You will be unable to pull comps if you haven't entered your credentials

You can also add additional MLS at a later time by visiting the Account Settings page in the user menu.


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