Sketch for iPad Overview

In the video above we will walk you through the process of creating your first sketch. This will include how to do the following:

  • Draw Lines
  • Draw Angles
  • Draw Arcs
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Labeling Floors

When creating Sketches on Appraiser for iPad, you have the option of using either of two modes. (1) Touch Mode, (2) Draw Mode. The advantages of each are details below:

Basic Tools

(from left to right)

Touch Mode (arrow tool) - Used to Zoom with your fingers, adjust anchor points, edit or delete objects.

Draw Mode (pencil tool)- Draw with your fingertips, or using the onscreen numeric keypad.

Label tool - Used to Label Rooms and Spaces (GLA & Non-GLA)

Navigation Tools

(from left to right)

Snap Toggle - Toggling this setting [on] will cause your walls to snap to the intersection points on the grid

Grid Toggle - Toggles the sketch grid [on] or [off]

Fit to Screen - Used to adjust zoom level and fit as many of your shapes on screen as possible

Zoom Tool - Used to adjust your zoom level

Edit Tools

(from left to right)

GLA Toggle - Used to toggle the selected shape as GLA/Non GLA (only visible when a shape is selected)

History Tool - Used to undo, or redo your previous edit

Copy - Used to Copy the selected object

Paste - Used to Paste the selected object

Trash Tool - Used to delete the selected object

*Areas labeled as GLA are colored light blue, while areas considered Non GLA are opaque (clear).



Drawing an Area



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