Sketch for Web Overview

In this section we will walk you through the process of creating your first sketch. This will include how to do the following:

  • Draw Lines
  • Draw Angles
  • Draw Arcs
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Labeling Floors

When creating your sketches, you have two options for input methods. (1) Using your keyboard and numeric keypad, (2) using your mouse/trackpad.

For more precise measurements, HouseCanary suggests using your numeric keypad whenever possible.


Basic Tools

(from left to right)

Arrow Tool - Used to Drag & Drop Points

Complete Shape Tool - Used to mark your shape as complete

Pencil Tool - Used to create anchor points

Room Labels - Used to Label Rooms and Spaces (GLA & Non-GLA)

Navigation Tools


(from left to right)

Navigation Tool - Used to move the selected object in the direction selected

History Tool - Used to undo, or redo your previous edit

Zoom Tool - Used to adjust your Zoom level

Fit to Screen Tool - Used to adjust zoom level and fit as many of your shapes on screen as possible


Edit Tools

(from left to right)

Settings Tool - Used to perform the following tasks:

  • Copy Selected Area
  • Cut Selected Area
  • Paste Selected Area
  • Show Area Metrics
  • Show Sketch Image
  • Configuration

Trash Tool - Used to delete the selected object

Clear Screen Tool - Used to delete all shapes

GLA Toggle - Used to toggle the selected shape as GLA/Non GLA (only visible when a shape is selected)

*Areas labeled as GLA are colored light blue, while areas considered Non GLA are labeled are colored light blue.



Next in Sketch:

Draw your first Area 



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