Understanding the Map layers

To help draw the Neighborhood and/or Similar Market Areas, you can toggle ON/OFF map layers.  

To turn ON a map layer, tap the eye icon .  The map layers we currently have available are:

  • PRICE PER SQ FT: This shows the median GLA price per square foot for the block.  
    • Gray: + 5% of the subject property's block price per sq foot.
    • Orange: each level is +10% above the previous.
    • Blue: each level is -10% below the previous.
  • SCHOOLS: You can toggle between showing Elementary and High school boundaries.
    • Locations of the schools are plotted on the map to identify where the comps are in relation to a school.
    • School ratings are also displayed.  The ratings are from a national database based off of test scores.
    • Thicker transparent black lines are school boundaries.
    • The dotted black lines show that there are more than 5 schools for the boundary.  We didn't want to display all the lines otherwise the map may get out of control.

 To view more of the map, you can click HIDE on the legend.


Map Layers in the Addendum

In the addendum, the PRICE/SQ FT map layer with your Neighborhood/Similar Market Area boundary drawings are automatically included (you can always remove it).  See example linked below.

You can always use the PRICE/SQ FT map layer as a justification to your GLA adjustment in your Comp Grid.

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