Narrowing Down to Your Farm List


After defining your Neighborhood/Similar Market Area, you may want to filter the results.  The filtered results are what we are referring to as the Farm List.  It is basically the shortlist of comps you are considering.

To access the filters, on the Neighborhood page click 'Filters' in the upper right.  

More information about the filters:

  • By default, the properties shown do not include distressed properties.  If you want to include distress properties, you need to scroll down and check to include them.
  • To see if you want to filter for Pool, Garage, etc, you can easily click 'MORE INFO' in the header to see what attributes the Subject property has.
  • Clicking  will open a few pre-set filters.  Clicking one of the numbers will automatically calculate the selected range centered around the subject property. See example.


Understanding the Navigation


  • All: properties found in the Neighborhood and Similar Market Area(s) boundaries.  This list is automatically included as a CSV in your downloadable file at the end.
  • Neighborhood: properties found in your Neighborhood boundary after the filters have been applied.
  • Farm List: properties found in your Neighborhood and Similar Market Area(s) after filters have been applied.


 Similarity Score Explained Comp Selection >


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