Overview & Workflow

In this section, we will be learning how to:

  1. Understand Map Layers
    • The price per sq ft heat map, school boundaries and census tract map layers can help define the boundaries to search for your comps. 
  2. Draw Neighborhood & Similar Market Area(s) Boundaries 
    • Define the boundaries for your neighborhood and similar market area and we will pull all the comps within these boundaries.
  3. Get Your Farm List
    • Apply filters to your search results.  This short list of comps is what we are calling the Farm List.

The goal of this workflow is so that you have your Farm list (i.e. short list of comps) when you are on site. You can just grab HC iPad app and when you are onsite, you can more accurately select the comps.

Header Section

In the header, clicking the 'MORE INFO' button by the subject property info will open an overview of the property.  It'll include data and photos from MLS and public record and maps from FEMA, Google aerial and plat.


If you typically split your application across two displays, after expanding the MORE INFO section you can click the pop-out button Screenshot_2017-04-12_13.06.24.png on the the upper right hand side of the screen so that this information is always visible to you.


Before starting, make sure you are on the Neighborhood Section.



Understanding Map Layers



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