Review Selected Comps

On the Comp Selection page, you can review how the comps bracket, see the price and price/sq ft. range and easily get driving directions between comps.

There are two views: the List view and Graph view.

List View

In this view, you can see additional MLS data, the adjusted value and re-order your comps.

Image Legend

  1. Bracketing: if there is at least one comp above and one comp below the subject, we will show a green checkmark.
  2. Distance from the Subject
  3. View MLS data including photos
  4. Adjusted Comp value (HouseCanary's AVM)

The order that is listed is how it shows up is how it will be arranged on the grid.  See details on how to re-order the list.


Graph View

In this view, you can graphically see how your comps compare to subject in total price and price per sq ft.

Iimage Legend

  1. Graph View click to get the Graph View
  2. Property Value range: shows HouseCanary-estimated property value range for the Subject property. 
  3. Total Price vs Price per Sq Ft toggle


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