Property Details

The Property Details section contains forms that; define the subject, its neighborhood and the market. This data helps HouseCanary rank sales comparisons & completes most of the subject property’s fields on the grid. 


HouseCanary pre-fills many of the fields in property details with data from MLS and public record. As you fill this out, it is saved automatically.

In this section you can adjust the following UAD requirements:

  • Subject
  • Neighborhood
  • Site
  • Improvements
  • Additional Property Attributes
  • Extra Adjustments

Additionally, we have built in the following features to help you through your appraisal:

  1. Templates - Apply multiple Templates that apply to specific neighborhood or property types

  2. UAD Indicator - Located at the top of the section, this indicator displays the number of fields you've completed as part of the UAD requirements

  3. Multi-Source - If data from the MLS, public record, template or your sketch conflict, we display this with an indicator and give you the choice of which data source to use for your report.

  4. Saved Comments / Picklist - Create a list of saved commentary to re-use for all your reports for the same fields.


UAD Indicator

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