One of the benefits of using HouseCanary Appraiser is our tools that make the selection of Comps both accurate and easy. To generate Comps for your Appraisal, it is a requirement that you enter your MLS credentials.

Databridge allows you to import information for any MLS we do not currently support.

If you create an Appraisal that you do not currently have MLS credentials for, you will be prompted to 'Verify' on your Appraisals dashboard.

If an MLS that covers your area is available on Appraiser, we will display its name and prompt you to enter your MLS ID#. You can link more than one MLS to your Appraiser account.

*skip this message if you believe it to be in error

If the required MLS is not available, you can utilize our databridge feature by uploading your own MLS data via an Excel spreadsheet.

*Please Note, if you choose to use Databridge, know that you cannot use it to compliment other MLSs that are already linked to your account.

Importing your Data

To import your MLS data, please do the following:

  1. Go to your MLS website and export all properties found in the subject's Neighborhood and Similar Market Area, including the Subject Property.

  2. In the exported spreadsheet, modify the data and headers to match this spreadsheet.

    For additional guidance on excel file uploads, please see our support article here.

  3. Once your spreadsheet is complete, select the upload button and navigate to the location of the excel file in your system's file manager.

Once your file upload is complete, the status of your Appraisal will change to 'Begin'.

After clicking begin, you will be prompted to confirm that all of the properties you uploaded are in the Subject's Neighborhood. If they are, HouseCanary will automatically draw your Neighborhood Boundary that will be used for 1004MC and one-unit housing trends. If not, you will need to draw the boundaries for the your Neighborhood and Similar Market Area.

* This feature is currently only supported on Appraiser for Web. Please complete this step before attempting to use Appraiser for iPad.

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